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Hi, I'm Jan!  I am JH2O's Swim School Principal and am also part of the teaching team.


How I got into teaching:  I was inspired to teach while watching my childrens' swimming lessons 30 years ago.  I qualified as an ASA Level 1 Teacher and a year later gained my ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher qualification and  theASA Advanced Teacher certificate.  Further aquatic qualifications followed over the years, including ASA Aquafit Teacher, ASA Adult & Child Teacher, ASA Level 1 Synchronized Swimming Teacher and ASA Disabilities Teacher.


I love teaching because:  Every pupil, every lesson, every day is different and after 30 years of teaching I still find it the most rewarding and enjoyable job ever.


My favourite stroke is:  Breaststroke, because although it is complex and challenging, it is satisfying to teach a pupil how to master and enjoy swimming this stroke.


My hobbies are:  Painting watercolours, travel, spending time with family and friends, discovering new restaurants, countryside walks and rides on Penelope, my bike!


My favourite food is:  Anything that someone else has cooked for me!


An interesting fact about me:  I taught my Dad to swim when he was 80 years old.

Hello, I'm Charlotte, and apart from my role of JH2O swimming teacher, I am also JH2O's admin assistant and help Jan behind the scenes in the JH2O office.


How I got into teaching:  I started assisting with Jan while I was at university and enjoyed it so much, I went on to do my ASA Level 1 and Level 2 teaching qualifications.


I love teaching because: I love to see the children progres from non-swimmers to confident, independent swimmers.


My favourite stroke is:  Breaststroke.


My hobbies are:  Swimming, dog walking, camping.


My favourite food is:  My grandma's spaghetti bolognaise!


An interesting fact about me:  I have always loved swimming and could swim by the age of two.  I have a dog called Lucy.

Hi, I'm Maria

How I got into teaching:  I began lifeguarding at 17 and undertook my Level 1 Swimming Teaching qualification soon afterwards with a fellow lifeguard.  This progressed to my Level 2 Teaching qualification and a lot more aquatic qualifications since then! 


I love teaching because:  I love seeing the enjoyment on pupil's faces when they achieve something new or improve on a previous achievement. There is a real buzz in that!


My favourite stroke is: Front Crawl.  This is both my favourite stroke to teach and swim. When swam correctly it looks effortlessly graceful.


My hobbies are:  I love swimming, running, gardening and cooking as a family as my young children join in too.


My favourite food: Chocolate, I have a real sweet tooth!


An interesting fact about me:  I have recently taken on an allotment and eating home grown food is so good!

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