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"Excellent - lots of 1:1 when needed.  Patient, kind and encouraging."  Jack B's mum

"Brilliant safety measures, everyone smiling and happy, putting the kids at ease".  Abbie T's mum

"You look after your customers so much, we feel we become your friends!" Laura, Matthew and Daniel J's mum

"Brilliant, he really enjoyed the lesson and he couldn't believe how fast the lesson went!" Hugo D's mum

"Joe was having so much fun, he didn't want to get out of the pool, so maybe we could have longer lessons?!" Joe E's mum

Very satisfied with the Covid-19 safety measures.  Sensible and workable rules".  Harry L's mum

"Amazing detailed information and risk assessment.  Very clear and it's evident that a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into the information" Felicity, Angus and Jude's mumJH2O is such a lovely swimming school, I will be recommending it to my friends".  Noah L's mum"Jaspar absolutely loves his lessons and said he wished he could go every day!  Thank you so much!" Jaspar B's mum

"Thank you for taking both Stephen and Danyel a long, long way in their swimming journey and thank you so much for the magnificent work you did with our two little ones; we thing you run a fantastic swim school".  Stephen and Danyel C's Dad

"Emma and Zak loved their first lesson.  The classes seemed just right for them and I am really impressed with the pool, so we are all very happy!"  Emma and Zak L's mum

I'd like to say a big thank you for this week.  It has made so much difference.  Arthur is a different child in the water now and his confidence has rocketed.  I never thought I woud see the day he voluntarily put his face in the water and you  have helped him overcome that fear in only a few days ... Eliza has also enjyed the lessons.  She has asked to go swimming every night this week to show her Dad what she can do".  Arthur and Eliza D's mum"I and Kayden were very pleased with his first lesson.  In Kayden's words, "It was absolutely brilliant, Mummy".  Kayden W's mum

"Isaac really enjoyed his lesson on Wednesday, so pleased we have joied you.  Isaac went from being nervous about it, not keen to go and definitely not wanting to wear a hat, to being really excited about the lesson, holding his wet hat all the way home, showing it off to Daddy, and wanting to take it in for show and tell at school!  Looking forward to next week".  Isaac H's mum








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